2015-03-28 07.50.04

Wild-caught salmon, sweet potato hash, steamed spinach, plantain pan fried in lard, sauerkraut


Still Here

2015-02-10 19.19.56

Perfection: Lobster tail, scallop and asparagus — It’s been 3 years since I last enjoyed lobster… Let’s not wait so long next time, huh?

I have missed being more consistent with my blog. January was a little rough with a flare that involved achiness and decreased range of motion in my wrists and achiness and decreased function of my hands. Thankfully that is easing off now. I can pick up plates and even the iron skillet again. What a joy!

I have a couple of theories about my flare, which I will explore in a future post. I have made a few shifts and have had some new insights. I look forward to blogging about those soon as well.

I look forward to giving a 6 months update in two weeks. Six months!! I have a hard time getting a handle on the passage of time since I began the Paleo autoimmune protocol.

Healing continues.

Asian Orange Pan-Seared Scallops

2014-11-21 12.08.27

Asian Orange Pan-Seared Scallops with wilted mixed garden greens and fresh mango

Lunch today was awesomeness wrapped in deliciousness. The deglazing liquid (coconut oil, coconut aminos and freshly-squeezed orange juice) on the scallops was drink worthy. Next time we will make the recipe with fresh scallops–these had been frozen so they made water and did not sear. The fresh garden greens and mango were divine as well.

Recipe from: “Practical Paleo” by Dianne Sanfilippo. Recipe can be found here.