Mind Blown


My sister sent me this link to this perspective-shifting TED talk that (indirectly) addresses the question about the sustainability of raising grazing animals–something that, as a meat-eater, I have been concerned about.

Brilliant and mind blowing. Definitely worth the time (22 mins).

My sister’s neighbor raises pastured beef commercially. In response to the video, he wrote in an email:

“We are strict adherents to managed grazing and all its principles…. We rotate our cattle through sized sections depending on weight of cattle grouping, density of forage, type of forage and height of forage. We are really creating some good soils while sequestering carbon. I will also ‘bale feed’ out in these fields to not overgraze and the animals will spread their nutrients where the soils most need them.

“We have ‘Prescribed Grazing Plans’ on all our grasslands. It’s much more work than just letting them go. But it creates better soils, forage and water. We are monitoring our weight gains (the cattle I mean) and they are doing great because the soils and forage we are creating are so good and can continue to be whether in drought or too much rain.

“It sounds corny so I never say it to anyone, but we are improving the environment, the earth while producing high protein food. I cannot tell you how proud I am of that.”


Chronicle of Healing = Chronicle of Good Food +…


I am still following the autoimmune protocol of the paleo approach and eating well (and washing loads of dishes) even though I have not posted much lately. I just completed a 6-week online course to help me puzzle out what my immune system triggers are. I will post more about that soon.

2015-03-28 18.05.22

Grilled pastured sirloin steak, steamed garden asparagus and steamed garden swiss chard, boiled cassava (yucca root) with ghee

Day After


Managing to stick with the Autoimmune Protocol/Paleo Approach while visiting family over Thanksgiving holidays is easy when family is open to try new foods or familiar foods prepared in new ways.

2014-11-28 13.52.28

Pastured beef tongue on cauli-rice, roasted brussels spouts with bacon, roasted butternut squash with kumquats and homemade sauerkraut.

Fried Beef Kidneys with Cranberry and Kumquat Chutney


Organ meats are a key part of eating paleo. Considered nature’s multi-vitamin, The Paleo Mom, Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, recommends eating two servings of organ meats a week.

2014-11-18 16.39.59

Since starting the Paleo Approach Autoimmune Protocol I have discovered more ways to cook with the kumquats growing just outside our kitchen door than in the 10 years since we planted the tree.

2014-11-18 17.15.28

Cranberries and sliced kumquats added to red onion and garlic sauteed in coconut oil and cooked down with red wine vinegar.

2014-11-18 18.57.40

Fried pastured beef kidneys with cranberry and kumquat chutney

Recipe from: The Paleo Approach