Feeling Blessed by My Man


Wood Ducks — Locally harvested, cleaned and cooked by my man


My plate at lunch today… Aside from the carrots, the meal was 100% provided by my man. In addition to hunting and cleaning the duck, he grew, harvested and cooked the turnips and greens.

Gotta give kudos to my man. He’s kind of a throwback to Charles “Pa” Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie. He’s a great provider of nutritious food. He doesn’t just hunt, trap and harvest food, he Ma Ingall’s it too. While I can garden and cook and fish, (though that’s been awhile), I don’t have any experience with hunting and trapping. He’s got a 50+ year jump on me there.

I admire how he can furnish a meal unmediated by a grocer or grower.

I love how he brings me healing food direct from sky and soil. And I am grateful.


Harvest before the Big Chill

2015-01-07 13.20.08

Yesterday before harvest. With temps expected to dip into the teens last night, I decided I had better harvest these two rows of young lettuce that I planted a month ago

2015-01-07 13.24.33

Enough lettuce for a couple of salads for three people

2015-01-07 13.24.19

After harvest… I am curious to see if the plants will survive the freeze and provide a few more salads. I hope so

Swordfish Steaks Sauteed in the Skillet


Since I am rusty with firing up the charcoal grill and my effort to light the coals in the chimney was weak, I fell back to pan sauteing today’s lunchtime protein in coconut oil for two minutes each side then broiling for two minutes each side. Done. I’m glad that worked out that way–the steaks were cooked to perfection and I was reminded how quick, easy and delicious getting some healthy protein to the table can be. Almost as easy as opening a can of sardines. If the fish is already defrosted, that is.

2014-12-16 12.48.02

Sauteed swordfish steak with rosemary, garlic and lemon zest rub; roasted butternut squash and garden-fresh lettuce salad

Planting in December


Without making a big production of it, I got into the garden yesterday and planted some more of the seedlings that I had started from seed a few weeks ago. It is a joy to be able to plant—and harvest—food in December.

We are getting closer to my goal of having enough greens on hand in the garden for continual harvest, through the cool season at least. Healing potency just 30 feet from our kitchen door.

2014-12-08 15.26.01

Mixed lettuce seedlings

2014-12-08 15.42.22

Salad greens planted close together for frequent harvest in my first effort to keep a supply of microgreens on hand. We have kale, mizuna and arugula planted in other patches around the garden.

Garden Harvest — Always a Thrill!


Three weeks ago, I wrote a post about buying some vegetable starters and being hopeful that they would inspire me to get back into the garden. And they have!… It was wonderful to get my hands into the soil to plant them, and has been a joy to tend them periodically and water them with collected rainwater.

2014-10-24 09.35.27

Purple Mustard

2014-10-24 09.35.35


2014-10-24 11.07.42

1st Harvest from the seedlings I planted 3 weeks ago

Now I am even more inspired… Less than three weeks after planting the starters, it was a delight to be able to harvest some leaves from them and enjoy them with other mealtime tasties today.

2014-10-24 11.48.27

Garden greens grilled and served with grilled pastured ribeye steak and roasted kabocha squash. Yum Yum

I find it soul-filling and body-nurturing to participate in sunshine, soil, water and air becoming healing food that becomes part of me!!

Riding the inspiration, I recently ordered several varieties of lettuce seeds that I am eager to plant now that the moon is waxing again.