2015-03-28 07.50.04

Wild-caught salmon, sweet potato hash, steamed spinach, plantain pan fried in lard, sauerkraut


Swordfish Steaks Sauteed in the Skillet


Since I am rusty with firing up the charcoal grill and my effort to light the coals in the chimney was weak, I fell back to pan sauteing today’s lunchtime protein in coconut oil for two minutes each side then broiling for two minutes each side. Done. I’m glad that worked out that way–the steaks were cooked to perfection and I was reminded how quick, easy and delicious getting some healthy protein to the table can be. Almost as easy as opening a can of sardines. If the fish is already defrosted, that is.

2014-12-16 12.48.02

Sauteed swordfish steak with rosemary, garlic and lemon zest rub; roasted butternut squash and garden-fresh lettuce salad