Fried Beef Kidneys with Cranberry and Kumquat Chutney


Organ meats are a key part of eating paleo. Considered nature’s multi-vitamin, The Paleo Mom, Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, recommends eating two servings of organ meats a week.

2014-11-18 16.39.59

Since starting the Paleo Approach Autoimmune Protocol I have discovered more ways to cook with the kumquats growing just outside our kitchen door than in the 10 years since we planted the tree.

2014-11-18 17.15.28

Cranberries and sliced kumquats added to red onion and garlic sauteed in coconut oil and cooked down with red wine vinegar.

2014-11-18 18.57.40

Fried pastured beef kidneys with cranberry and kumquat chutney

Recipe from: The Paleo Approach