Healing with Beeswax — Two Approaches

FIRST APPROACH: Starting with 3 lbs organic beeswax
2014-12-24 14.14.47

Organic beeswax melted in a slow cooker with a bit of shea butter added to lower the melting point to a temperature my hands can tolerate


2014-12-19 19.44.15

Therapeutic wax treatment… warm and soothing. After dipping my hands in the warmed wax several times, I usually place my hands in a large plastic bag and cover with a blanket to retain the heat for 10 minutes or so.

2014-12-25 14.49.36
SECOND APPROACH: Beeswax and shea butter blend, shown here in solid form at room temperature after just lighting the tea light candle
2014-12-25 15.00.38

The wax blend melts quickly by the flame of the tea light candle


2014-12-25 15.03.16

Preparing to apply the wax blend to a few small spots of psoriasis that I have had for over six months. After just one application of the wax, the spots diminished considerably, so now I periodically reapply the beeswax blend to continue the healing



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