Guilt-Free Excess at Breakfast

2015-04-30 07.27.22

BEFORE: Pastured pork sausage; garden greens wilted in lard; pastured egg, fried; green plantain, fried in coconut oil; beef bone broth

I was reminded this week that I can’t heal if I am not getting enough calories. I didn’t think that I had that issue, but I wanted to be sure, so I tracked my caloric intake using the free app Cron-o-meter for a few days and verified that I am eating more than I am expending.

One morning this week I got a little carried away at breakfast. In part because I was hungry and in part because there were some foods in the fridge needing attention.

After I ate, which took half an hour, I plugged my intake into Cron-o-meter. Almost 1,000 calories. Wow! And all guilt free!

2015-04-30 07.54.17



One thought on “Guilt-Free Excess at Breakfast

  1. Looks Delicious! Breakfast can sometimes be the most difficult meal of the day, but it is the most important. Yay for breakfast and getting our bodies the right amount of calories on such a restricted diet!

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