This is What 6 Eggs Look Like


I’ve never eaten six eggs in one sitting, but I’m taking measures to put some weight back on, so I decided to go heavy on the eggs today at lunch. In the last seven months, I have lost 10-15 pounds without wanting to by implementing the autoimmune protocol of the Paleo Approach which promotes healing from autoimmune issues.

As part of the plan, I eat three sizable meals daily, including pastured or wild caught animal protein (often a sizable portion), healthy fats and loads of veggies and fruit. But evidently I am not eating enough. So I’m gonna change that.

2015-03-19 12.38.23

LUNCH today: 6 eggs scrambled in lard with garden cilantro, steamed garden collards and ginger, half sweet potato pan fried in lard


3 thoughts on “This is What 6 Eggs Look Like

  1. I nurse and was told to add more carbs to each meal. That helped a little, but I usually still felt hungry within four hours. After reading The Paleo Approach, I tried adding more veggies and found they kept me full for hours longer. I’d thought protein and fat were exclusively responsible for these things, but it wasn’t so. I wondet if adding more veggies might help you, too, though we are have different problems? Eating 3-4 cups per meal per the author’s suggestion took work at first, but now it is already second nature.

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