Healing with Acupuncture


A few weeks ago I posted a list of potent aids in my healing journey and I am remiss that I failed to include acupuncture.

In mid-November I had my first ever experience of vertigo–a pounding dizziness that made me feel like I was stuck on an out-of-control amusement park ride. The dizziness was accompanied by nausea and it was dreadful. Traces of the vertigo and nausea lingered for several weeks. It was worse in certain positions, particularly lying down. I started to dread going to bed.

I scheduled an acupuncture treatment; and, fortunately, after the first session, the dizziness and nausea disappeared completely and have not returned. I am ecstatic about that!

2014-12-18 11.36.28-1

IMG_20150213_123804606I have had a few more acupuncture treatments since then for ongoing treatment of my autoimmune condition and the aches in my foot, wrists and hands. I don’t have to understand how acupuncture works–I just know that I like it. I feel better afterwards, and there is science that supports it as an effective modality for autoimmune conditions.

I feel blessed to have an acupuncturist in the family!!


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