Still Here

2015-02-10 19.19.56

Perfection: Lobster tail, scallop and asparagus — It’s been 3 years since I last enjoyed lobster… Let’s not wait so long next time, huh?

I have missed being more consistent with my blog. January was a little rough with a flare that involved achiness and decreased range of motion in my wrists and achiness and decreased function of my hands. Thankfully that is easing off now. I can pick up plates and even the iron skillet again. What a joy!

I have a couple of theories about my flare, which I will explore in a future post. I have made a few shifts and have had some new insights. I look forward to blogging about those soon as well.

I look forward to giving a 6 months update in two weeks. Six months!! I have a hard time getting a handle on the passage of time since I began the Paleo autoimmune protocol.

Healing continues.


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