Harvest before the Big Chill

2015-01-07 13.20.08

Yesterday before harvest. With temps expected to dip into the teens last night, I decided I had better harvest these two rows of young lettuce that I planted a month ago

2015-01-07 13.24.33

Enough lettuce for a couple of salads for three people

2015-01-07 13.24.19

After harvest… I am curious to see if the plants will survive the freeze and provide a few more salads. I hope so


2 thoughts on “Harvest before the Big Chill

  1. David Shore

    Was going to go back to the post when you planted these and comment to ask how they’re doing. Becky chopped down some of our greens before the last cold snap and left others. The ones remaining went limp for about a day and then cam back no problem, although our freeze was only in the mid 20s.

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