First Reintroduction–Ghee


2014-12-19 18.54.29Ready or not, here at almost 4 months in to the autoimmune protocol, I yielded to the urge to add a flavor back to my limited palette. With a pan of locally grown baked sweet potatoes coming out of the oven yesterday afternoon, I selected one of the heftier colorful tubers and added a healthy dollop of organic ghee, which is one of the foods recommended to add back first. Yum. A nice treat. I could not resist eating another one. Also with ghee.

Some recommendations for reintroductions suggest eating the reintroduced food at each meal for 24 hours, so I had more ghee at breakfast and lunch today. I have not experienced any gastro distress, but my joints were achier this morning. Sadly, my joints have been achier each morning anyway, which is why I wrote “ready or not” at the outset. Ideally, I might have waited till I felt like my symptoms were in a calmed-down phase before beginning to add back foods. From here I will pause ghee consumption for a few days and see if I notice any thing of significance. And probably pause for awhile on additional reintroductions.

Well, I say that, but during a recent trip to Whole Foods, I bought myself a two-ingredient organic dark chocolate bar thinking I might slide that into my Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve and enjoy a little treat of that on Christmas day.


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