Healing through Mobilization

2014-11-11 09.23.30

Handmaster Plus 3-Pack Set for hand exercise and rehabilitation. The balls and finger bands are 3 different densities. The light blue ball is the softest. I have graduated to the medium density red.

I am thrilled that my thumbs have been steadily improving in function since I started using this Handmaster hand exercise system two weeks ago in an effort to mobilize my way past thumb swelling and pain and limited range of motion. Simple things that were painful or impossible have become easier. Yay!!

2014-11-11 09.43.29

One of the numerous simple tasks that requires function of the thumb. If the thumb is swollen and painful applying pressure and pulling the knob to start the washing machine hurts.

I love simple innovations that improve quality of life. This one costs about the same as one physical therapy co-pay. I do the exercises various times during the day, sometimes while I am outside enjoying a walk. The first couple of squeezes can be a little painful but then the pain eases up. It is worth noting that the stretching of extensor muscles with resistance is as (or more) important (in my case) than the squeezing/gripping part of the exercise–effectively balancing the 18 muscles of the hands.

I am lovin’ these.


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