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At last! Seven weeks in to adhering to the Autoimmune Protocol I finally got to taste my blog’s namesake. This was some Pederson’s Uncured, No Sugar, Buckin’ Bacon from Whole Foods.

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After I got home from my Whole Foods’ outing yesterday afternoon, which is a 3+ hour round-trip drive, I realized that in my zeal to find some bacon I could eat, I had focused on all of these selling points:

  • Minimally processed
  • no artificial ingredients
  • no preservatives
  • no added nitrates or nitrites
  • no gluten
  • no lactose
  • no MSG, and
  • NO sweeteners

yet overlooked a few missing bullet points: grass-finished, non GMO. So hmmm… I see now from Pederson’s website that they make an organic, non-GMO bacon… It must’ve been out of stock when I was perusing the bacon case at Whole Foods. And, without stating it is pastured, it is most likely corn-fed anyway. So, I did eat this bacon this a.m. (and enjoyed it!), but for future bacon purchases I am going to rely on my pastured-pork supplier and jump through the necessary hoops to order it timely before my next drive down to stock up on pastured meats.

Meanwhile I have several more pounds of this close-but-not-quite AIP-friendly bacon in the freezer.


4 thoughts on “Finally!!

  1. David Shore

    Applegate Farms themselves has petitioned the USDA to allow them and others to label their products as “Naturally Cured” as they feel current labeling is misleading and confusing. The first link is their petition along with supporting documentation. Interesting read. Of note is page 16, Cook’s Illustrated article in which it compared nitrite levels in natural products to traditional and found Applegate Farms had 3x the amount of nitrite than regular bacon.

    As I see it there are two issues here: 1) using a naturally derived vs chemically derived product, 2) possible formation of nitrosamines when nitrites are subjected to high heat.

    1) My preference for chemically derived nitrites/nitrates is knowing the exact amount you are adding to the cure and keeping well within guidelines, no guessing. To my knowledge there are no naturally derived salts that have been standardized thus a bit of guessing involved in the curing process. I hear that there may be some naturally derived salts available in the near future that are standardized.
    2) Nitrosamine formation will take place in either product when subjected to high heat. Fortunately a glass of OJ or other vitamin C/ascorbic acid will inhibit the affects of nitrosamines.

    BTW for meats that are going to be cooked, using nitrites isn’t technically necessary, but is it really bacon then or just pork belly or chopped and formed pork shoulder?

    And here is the USDA response:

    As it was written in 2011 I guess it hasn’t been acted on.


  2. Interesting. Thanks for the detail. I had to read it through a couple of times, with a passage of time in between, in order to get it (brain fog, a symptom of autoimmune issues). Good to see that Applegate wants to help clear up consumer confusion. Good to be reminded to watch those -amines. I have just recently had my awareness increased about the possible increase in autoimmune-related symptoms with high histamine foods (of which there are many).


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