Oh My!… Oooh Mommy! Umami!

2014-10-08 19.25.57-4

King Trumpet Mushrooms

2014-10-08 19.38.04

King trumpet mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil with mixed greens sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt.

More of this please!! This was so good, I’m glad I was home alone for supper so I could eat it all!!

I was tempted to add garlic, because I love garlic and I love garlic with mushrooms, but I am moving in the direction of experimenting with eliminating FODMAP*s for a bit to see what impact that might have.

*FODMAPs — an acronym for a long scientific term applied to a class of foods that can cause digestive issues for some people. FODMAPs include: apples, onions, garlic, leeks. See chart here.


2 thoughts on “Oh My!… Oooh Mommy! Umami!

    • That was one of the surprises of the dish. Those mushrooms packed so much umami power, I didn’t miss the garlic. Much.

      After I posted I came across an article about FODMAPs that said one can sauté garlic in oil then remove the garlic and enjoy the flavor of garlic without having the FODMAP side effects… so that gives me something to consider next time. I’ll have to do some more research about that too.


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