Growing Our Own Greens


I am super grateful to my very supportive husband for the many ways he is supporting my AIP journey. He is an avid hunter, gardener and cook, and I consider myself very blessed that he happily hunts and brings home wild animal protein AND grows, tends and harvests beautiful organic veggies for our meals AND cooks them all up for me often!! AND even washes dishes sometimes.

For a few years I was the primary family gardener, but that stopped when something triggered a lengthy episode of low back pain a few years ago. After the pain calmed down I was reluctant to get back into the garden, plus I had found another passion to fill my time: yoga. I increased strength with yoga and awareness of how to move with alignment and avoid tweaking my back.

Maybe these veggie starters I picked up while running errands this morning will inspire me to get back into the garden. Collards, mustards, lettuces, parsley, cilantro and I can’t remember what else… I want to have fresh greens available at all times just outside my kitchen door.

2014-10-02 11.33.19


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