Turmeric and Ginger Tea

2014-10-19 07.36.04

Minced Turmeric and Ginger with a dash of fresh ground black pepper

2014-10-18 08.09.05

Boiled together for 15 minutes for a mouth awakening anti-inflammatory tea.


Doubling Down on Root Crops


A blackjack term may have popped up as a subject line for this post, but the candied carrots recipe from Dianne Sanfillipo’s book Practical Paleo is no gamble–this veggie dish is beyond wow. Having multi-colored carrots on hand when the root crops came out at lunch prep time yesterday enhanced the visual appeal and the nutritional profile of this easy-to-make, four-ingredient (8 carrots, 4 dates, coconut oil, sea salt) delight.

2014-10-26 12.25.08

Candied Carrots with Dates

2014-10-26 12.35.06

Grilled pastured lamb chops with candied carrots and mashed turnips

Recipe from: Practical Paleo by Dianne Sanfillipo and found here

Iterations of Sunshine Conversion: Wilted Radicchio


I am lovin’ how the paleo community encourages eating the rainbow and varied sources of animal protein and all nutrients really and has so many quick and easy recipes available for foods I haven’t eaten or prepared before. I feel encouraged to pick up things in the produce section of the grocery store that I don’t know anything about. Case in point: radicchio (ruh-dick’-ee-o). Fun to say and a beauty to admire, and up to now I was not familiar with its pleasant and mildly bitter flavor.

As I enjoy the new food sights on my plate and their flavors in my mouth and the varied nutritional benefits they offer me down to the cellular level, I reflect on the bounty of iterations of sunshine conversion I am having the pleasure of partaking of. Diversity rocks. (Even if my grammar doesn’t).

2014-10-25 11.26.04

Shallots and Radicchio

2014-10-25 11.32.31


2014-10-25 12.09.59

Wilted radicchio and shallots, baked pastured chicken leg with steamed broccoli

Recipe from: Nom Nom Paleo

Roasted Kabocha Squash

2014-10-24 10.15.22

Organic Kabocha Squash

2014-10-24 11.26.01

Roasted Kabocha Squash. Wow!

Prior to lunchtime yesterday I had not eaten kabocha squash before. I won’t be waiting long till I have it again. Great flavor–I’m not sure how to describe it. The hands get a workout peeling and cutting it. And the tastebuds say ‘oh yeah’!

Recipe from: Nom Nom Paleo where kabocha squash is described as having the flavor of roasted chestnuts.

Garden Harvest — Always a Thrill!


Three weeks ago, I wrote a post about buying some vegetable starters and being hopeful that they would inspire me to get back into the garden. And they have!… It was wonderful to get my hands into the soil to plant them, and has been a joy to tend them periodically and water them with collected rainwater.

2014-10-24 09.35.27

Purple Mustard

2014-10-24 09.35.35


2014-10-24 11.07.42

1st Harvest from the seedlings I planted 3 weeks ago

Now I am even more inspired… Less than three weeks after planting the starters, it was a delight to be able to harvest some leaves from them and enjoy them with other mealtime tasties today.

2014-10-24 11.48.27

Garden greens grilled and served with grilled pastured ribeye steak and roasted kabocha squash. Yum Yum

I find it soul-filling and body-nurturing to participate in sunshine, soil, water and air becoming healing food that becomes part of me!!

Riding the inspiration, I recently ordered several varieties of lettuce seeds that I am eager to plant now that the moon is waxing again.

Chicken Liver Paté

2014-10-18 10.21.37

1 lb pastured chicken liver

2014-10-18 10.38.41

Browning chicken liver with onions in beef tallow

2014-10-18 11.05.55

I took this paté and a sliced cucumber to a football-watching gathering. Made for a different game food/dip for sure. Enjoyed by the adventurous.

Nutritional powerhouse: 1 oz of this paté provides 78% daily Vitamin A among other benefits.

Recipe from: Balanced Bites



2014-10-19 07.57.12

At last! Seven weeks in to adhering to the Autoimmune Protocol I finally got to taste my blog’s namesake. This was some Pederson’s Uncured, No Sugar, Buckin’ Bacon from Whole Foods.

2014-10-19 07.37.43 2014-10-19 07.37.51

After I got home from my Whole Foods’ outing yesterday afternoon, which is a 3+ hour round-trip drive, I realized that in my zeal to find some bacon I could eat, I had focused on all of these selling points:

  • Minimally processed
  • no artificial ingredients
  • no preservatives
  • no added nitrates or nitrites
  • no gluten
  • no lactose
  • no MSG, and
  • NO sweeteners

yet overlooked a few missing bullet points: grass-finished, non GMO. So hmmm… I see now from Pederson’s website that they make an organic, non-GMO bacon… It must’ve been out of stock when I was perusing the bacon case at Whole Foods. And, without stating it is pastured, it is most likely corn-fed anyway. So, I did eat this bacon this a.m. (and enjoyed it!), but for future bacon purchases I am going to rely on my pastured-pork supplier and jump through the necessary hoops to order it timely before my next drive down to stock up on pastured meats.

Meanwhile I have several more pounds of this close-but-not-quite AIP-friendly bacon in the freezer.