Beef Heart and Ground Beef Burgers


I guess it was only a matter of time before this granddaughter of a butcher got the old meat grinder out and put it to use grinding some pastured beef heart to add to some pastured ground beef.

2014-09-24 11.43.06

I got to these bits below (vessels) and I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Include or not?… Since I am eating connective tissue and increasing intake of animal fats I decided to go for it. It took a little more forceful arm pressure to grind through it, but the grinder did not clog.

2014-09-24 11.46.16

It was noon and I was hungry, so I shaped a patty and got it cooking pronto in the cast iron skillet. When the patty neared completion, I added some frozen wild blueberries to the skillet. Served the beef and berries up with my cauli faux-tatoes from yesterday drizzled with pesto oil.

2014-09-24 12.20.56

2014-09-24 12.30.28Whoa! That was awesome!… I am looking forward to repeating that for supper tonight with my spouse.


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