Sleep Better with Evening Use of Blue Light Filtering Glasses


2014-09-03 15.14.00

Maybe you have heard that evening exposure to artificial light, especially the blue light from screens (TV, cell phone, computer), inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin which is important for maintaining circadian rhythms and assuring restful sleep. Maybe you have also heard about the suggestion to avoid screen viewing for an hour before bedtime.

The AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) guidelines I am following strongly encourage honoring circadian rhythms and going to bed at dark in a completely darkened room. A couple of months ago following a several month period of high stress, I experimented with going to bed at dusk and wearing an eye mask and earplugs. It was magical. I started looking forward to dusk. I slept soundly 9-10 hours a night. Every night.

Gradually though I started going to bed later, after dark, and sometimes looking at screens close to bedtime. So I recently decided to check out the tip to wear amber glasses after dark to limit the melatonin-sidelining effects of blue light. I have worn these safety glasses and I am liking the effect. My sleep has been super restful, a full 8 hours and 20 minutes nightly. [I have noticed over the years that my body’s set point is 8 hours and 20 minutes of sleep.] I am going to continue wearing these around dusk see how it goes.

They do shift screen color, of course, but I do not find it bothersome.

Here is a Link to the affordable and highly-rated glasses I bought on Amazon if you want to have a look. Get it?… Look? I think the glasses make me funnier too.


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