Nose-to-Tail Movement


This morning I updated my morning yoga class about the state of my wellness, since I feel that my wellness impacts my teaching. I mentioned the idea I had come across in my research of eating what ails you and how that had led me to start preparing and consuming pig’s feet bone broth. (In fact I am going to drink some in a sec). One of my students remarked that she would have to eat the whole animal. Which got a chuckle. And is profound in its deeper significance. So I wanted to note here for readers who might be unfamiliar–there is a Whole Animal/Nose-to-Tail movement. Chef Fergus Henderson might be the spokesperson for the movement with his book: The Complete Nose to Tail. I can’t say for sure. All this is newish for me too. Some chefs are bringing the movement to their restaurants.

Here is some science for you about the nutritional benefits of eating organ meat, from PhD and author Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Mom), who has eased some of her own autoimmune issues by following the plan she developed.

Broth time.


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