GMOs–Three Sentences


A friendly discussion about GMOs arose between a student and me following my yoga class this morning. I am not articulate about the science behind the suggestion for people exploring the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) to avoid GMOs, so I would like to quote a scientist whose work is impacting my current wellness choices. I hope it will be okay to quote three sentences from PhD Sarah Ballantyne’s book The Paleo Approach: 

The Problem with GMOs

“One of the reasons autoimmune disease may be on the rise is that there are more prolamins, agglutinins, digestive-enzyme inhibitors, and saponins in genetically modified crops than in heritage crops. This is because GMO seeds are engineered to contain more of these compounds to protect the seed, which makes the crops more resistant to pests and infections. Unfortunately, what makes GMOs more viable as crops is also what makes them much more problematic for our health.”

She has a section in her book that explains the science about Digestive Enzyme Inhibitors. She begins the section thusly: “Seeds do not want to be digested. A digested seed can’t grow into a new plant. So it makes sense that seeds contain substances designed to protect them during passage through the gastrointestinal tract.” She goes on to elaborate in detail how consumption of seeds can cause increased intestinal permeability and can activate the immune system. Grains, pseudo-grains and legumes are in this group of foods that can be tough for digestion.

Ok, whoops. I went a few more than three sentences. Sorry ’bout that.


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